April bundle

April bundle


These beautiful peppers were grown by my friend Beau on his rooftop wonderland garden. We connected over fermentation at a dinner party (Where Charles Lawrence coined the term #picklepolitics!), and he offered to share the abundance of these lovelies for fermentation experimentation. 

I decided to try out a basic sambal recipe: peppers, salt, lemon, garlic, onion, fermented for about a week. The result is a super-powered spicy paste! Mixed a bit of the paste with some homebrewed kombucha and some apple cider vinegar to make a bit of a firey hot sauce. Enjoy carefully!


Minty lemony snap peas

This recipe is from Amanda Feifer's book "Ferment Your Vegetables." It was such a hit the first time I made it I had to repeat it immediately. The recipe is quite simple: organic snap peas along with a bunch of organic mint and the zest of an organic lemon, all submerged under salt water brine. The hardest part is keeping these little guys submerged under the brine - they love to float! They make delicious, refreshing pickles - but they are rascals, and have a sneaky spurt when you bite into them. 


Ginger lemon kraut

This is another recipe inspired by Ferment Your Vegetables.

Ginger from my friend Nicole's mother's garden, layered with slices of organic lemon.

The result is a really bright, lovely refreshing kraut - this is one of my favorites!


Sage Juniper Kraut

The sage in our garden is very happy right now.

It was calling to me to try it out in a kraut, and I think it turned out quite good.

It's a complex flavor along with some juniper berries. I hope you like it. 


Ali Salt Sauerkraut

My family has been making what they call "Ali Salt" as a holiday gift for many years, since my little sister Aliana was a baby. Ali salt is made with organic ginger and garlic and makes a delicious seasoning. I wanted to make a whole batch of kraut using this family seasoned salt, fermented in Aunty Wanda's lovely handmade crock.


ali salt kraut.jpg

Lemon Ginger Water Kefir

I guess I'm on a lemon and ginger kick these days. This is another version of the probiotic effervescent drink that plays at a ginger lemonade - it turned out less sweet than I had intended, so I'll keep trying. 


The very first bundle!

The very first bundle!